A ranch girl at heart I find myself deeply connected to the world around me. Being near or far from my current location, I live to explore and to experience nature at it’s fullest.  Choosing Photography, as my medium has been a long process and a romantic story of sorts. Deciding to go down the path of a photographer has not been an easy one. However, with my background in ceramics, geology, agriculture and travel I feel free in this medium to express myself, and how I see the world around me.


I have lived in Santa Cruz, CA for going on 8 years now. I have married a native and plan on staying here and making it my home. I love the tight community and what this place has to offer to a free spirit like myself.


There are many depths in a person and in any work of art. I try and focus on a full story in my pictures than a single subject. I want my viewers to feel connected to my art and where it brings them.  I might bring them to a mountainside in Patagonia or into an artist’s studio creating a piece of art.  I enjoy showing others the process of raw material to a work of art.  The journey it takes along the way, a vision mixed with some passion to create something out of raw clay, wood, metal, or paint to get to a finished piece of art or just a very well crafted item.  I feel like there is so much my generation is missing out on learning and understanding with computers and this technology age we are living in.