October 2011- Mini Pumpkin Planters

Mini Pumpkin Planters  

In honor of Halloween and the Autumn we decided to make some mini pumpkin planters with the kids. As this was the weekend before Halloween we realized this might be a tricky weekend to do another craft project, however the die-hards still came.  It was a great day to be outside and play with flowers.


What the children were given to create their planter’s:

One small pumpkin (with top cut out and guts removed) * this was done prior to the kids showing up. It made it easier to just go right into the project and not have a sharp object around the kids.

Soil (to add in to pumpkin)

Two flowers (from a six pk)

Endless amounts of stickers (bugs, fairies, butterflies, animals, etc.)

Glue stixs (to glue eyes on with)

Goodly eyes


The kids had a great time decorating their pumpkins and planting their precious flowers. They all turned out great! A couple of the moms also made one to take home.

This was a great activity to break-up all the craziness of Halloween weekend.