November 2011- Beez Wax Ornaments and Candles

Beez wax ornaments and candles:


Hey, what a great day making wonderful smelling ornaments and candles. We kicked it off with triple truffle dark chocolate brownies and some cocktails. Then once our crew all gathered we started warming our bees wax on the stove.


This was a wonderful group activity to do indoors with a small to medium crowd of people. We had just the right amount of people in my small house.  So nice to sit and chat in front of the fire when we were waiting for the wax to set.


The project went smoothly and we created ornaments from three different kinds of molds: starfish, butterflies and sand dollars.  They all looked very nice. So, good you wanted to eat them! We took some fun shots of us restraining ourselves from eating the wax.  My house has never smelt better. 


I went to seven different stores and still couldn’t not find the mini baby food canning jars. So, instead we made candles in jelly jars. Oh, too bad we each got a bigger candle.  The diamond cut design on the jars made the bees wax look even cooler.


I look forward to making more next year. This is indeed a project I want to do every autumn.


Key thing to remember when working with wax: cover counters or tables with plastic table clothes or wax parchment paper to protect your wooden tables, and beautiful countertops. Also, maybe put a plastic drop cloth down on the floor, incase of spills.

Do your best to not wash or dispose any wax down your household drains. If you do, I hope you have a handy plumber that is available to help fix your drain soon after. 








October 2011- Basket Making


I was a blessed recipient of basket weaving materials this last month.

I promised I would use it up. I decided to put on a small workshop to make baskets. The weather turned out very nice, so we were able to make the baskets outside.  Which was great for room and to also enjoy the warmth.


Here are a few pics of the workshop and the final products.  We went with a nice basic basket in order for us to be able to finish it and take it home with us.  This was so much fun to create. I love weaving! It is so relaxing and such a meditative craft.