2012 Gone?

Yep, 2012 is gone and this craftegeek has been super duper wrappig paper busy with life and planning my wedding. Yes! There will be plenty of new pictures and projects I am doing for the wedding. I will start a section just for my craftEwedding! Starting Januay 2013. Check it out!

Thank you for cheking in with us. 

Head Geek



What Half Of 2012 Almost Gone?

Sorry Folks! January- May has passed right by. 

There has been some serious chaos not allowing me to access the interwebs and post my projects. That time has eneded and starting this next week you will beable to see all the new exciting projects I have been working on this year, starting with "my house". I will aslo be featuring some room makeovers of other people's houses.

Stay tuned!


Head Geek


December 2011

Gift tags:

This year  I wanted to do a little twist to the name tags on the presents. Also, I decided  to use our ipad2 to take the pictures too see what you think. I can’t wait for them to upgrade the amount of pixels. (ha).



-  paint samples with fun names (the disney paint has a selection fun for kid name tags.)

-  a typewriter/ awesome colored marker/ or stamps

-  hole punch is optional.

This year for my nieces and nephews  Christmas presents. I got them all a sleeping bag! Super fun for future sleepovers and campouts. I also decided since most of them were Disney character sleeping bags I needed to accesrize the wrapping with the gifts.  I got the idea when I was trying not to spend money at Home Depot. Paint samples are free and I went through all the samples with a keen eye looking for fun sample colors with awesome names for each kid. Disney paint samples had paints with fun names to match their themed bags. I couldn’t resit. I ened up with a modest stack of paint samples, I knew I could go back if I ran out.


I tried writing on a few of the paint samples with different kinds of markers. This led to me clearly deciding on another method. My handwriting was BAD and  most the markers that weren’t a sharpie would smear.  I went ahead and got my old school typewriter out and tried that out. Besides my few typos they turned out great. Luckily I got some fun whiteout ready to use to add to the affect of the gift tag.


I opted not to hole punch them and tie them on to the packages. I taped them down so, they would double as book markers  for the kids since I also got a book and flashlight to go with their sleeping bags.


 I even made a few tags for our little family's stockings. Mine reads: “Happily ever after”, Josh reads: “Once upon a time”, and our pet rabbits stocking / bag reads: “ Garden Sprout”.  I will reuse these every year!


November 2011 part 2

Antler Towel Hooks:


Since we bought our house last summer, I have been dueling with our bathroom, non-stop. There wasn’t a proper place to hang a towel. I was on a quest to have two amazing towel hangers. It took about six months but I finally did it.  My mom had sent me a few old deer antlers that wouldn’t be missed from the family ranch. The purpose was to make buttons, but I saw another opportunity. I ended up seeing that a friend had a small collection of antlers that same week. I was able to use two of my friend’s antlers, as he had a pair that was a nice modest size the correct shape to hang towels. The ones my mom sent didn’t quite do the trick for towels.


I then asked another friend if he could cut out two old- school plaque shapes I had drawn on a board of maple. When I got the two plaques back, I attached the two antlers to the plaques and then hung them on each side of our shower.  I have been waiting for some hunter friend to come visit our house and see if they notice my towel racks. So far, no such luck: all city dwellers. However, they do the trick and I can sleep at night knowing one more project is completed. 



November 2011 part 1

Rabbit TEA:


What happens when you add rainwater to an open container of rabbit compost? You get Rabbit TEA!!! Yeah, so not by choice (at first) I made Rabbit Tea after the first rains came and I forgot to cover the rabbit compost bin outside. It was a happy accident I let happen again and again. I then started to bottle it up, give it away, and now I’m starting to sell it $5/ gallon. I have even added it to my own garden and potted plants.


The smell hasn’t been a favorite in my household, other than myself. I’m a ranch girl, so it makes me happy knowing that odd smell will help my garden be ten times better than any other one on our street!!! I’ll have the best veggie garden ever due to the help of my little Rabbit. I must say, I love having a pet rabbit. He keeps proving to be such a great help. I keep looking at the cats, and then asking them if they at least tried to catch a mouse today. Yeah, they aren’t very good hunters.


In case you are wondering about the Cats Vs. Rabbits scenario. It’s not what you think. The cats could care less about the rabbit and the rabbit just likes to chase them. We have to watch them all when the rabbit decides to hunt the cats. He just likes their smell. The cats run for the hills hoping the little rabbit hunter decides to turn back. HA! It is so much fun to watch.