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Name: Andrew M. Kontrabecki Location: San Francisco, CA Occupation: Artist, single dad, chef, and teacher. Andrew began his career in the arts very early on. After graduating from Design School – with a focus on ceramics – in Upstate New York, Andrew relocated to Brooklyn, and learned new skills while working in Glass and Mixed Media Sculpture/Commercial Lighting Studios. During this period, Andrew also found himself as an art handler in Chelsea. Switching gears dramatically, he soon moved to a town outside of Sacramento, California and started managing the Glass and Ceramics Facilities at the UC Davis Craft Center. As it stood, he had come full circle from being a student at a university, roaming the free range of the independent artist, back to managing students under the watchful eye of a university. Upon leaving Davis , Andrew relocated to San Francisco, taking up residence at the VerDiGris Ceramics gallery as shop steward and assistant. Once the gallery closed, looking for a new line of work, Andrew began managing a tattoo shop in the Inner Sunset. After that position was changed, Andrew once again fell back into Ceramics, teaching and managing the Ceramics Studio at the Randall Museum in San Francisco's Corona Heights park as a part of SF Recs&Park system. The one constant throughout Andrew's life has been independently creating his own expressions with as many different media possible. Drawing and painting have been an immediate standby, with functional ceramics and glassware, mixed media audio collage, sculpture of various sorts . Andrew also shares his passion of art and creating with his daughter Rhedding. This dad can do everything from creating an awesome casserole dish to baking a tasty dinner in it to be shared with friends and loved ones. His next Open house is at the Randall Museum on Dec.9th 6-9p He has a somewhat older website at: